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Houston (July 11, 2011) – Wealth Masters International (WMI), a global financial education and entrepreneurial resource company based in Sugar Land, Texas, has successfully launched a live outreach program in key U.S. and international cities that teaches individuals how to survive and prosper in the new economy. The creators of this training course have all built successful seven-figure businesses using the principles they teach and want to open up the world of independent business to those who seek an alternative to what some are calling the longest and deepest recession in U.S. History.

“It’s time to take the gloves off,” says Kip Herriage, Wealth Masters CEO and Co-Founder. “When you take an honest look at the unemployment, spiraling debt and failing currencies around the world, it’s clear that what’s needed is a contrarian approach. What we’re doing with these regional events is equipping people to opt out of the recession and create their own economic recovery.” The $297 tuition, which may be discounted or waived for qualified participants, includes a full day of coaching on the financial concepts and interpersonal skills necessary to run a successful independent business, as well as optional strategies that participants may elect to pursue for further development.

The event facilitators, led by entrepreneur and author John Lavenia, describe their involvement as a shared mission to raise financial literacy around the world and make it possible for people to take back control of their financial destinies regardless of their background or present circumstances. “If you can imagine an economic ‘doctors without borders,’ that’s pretty much what we’ve got here,” says Karl Bessey, WMI President and Co-Founder. “Entrepreneurship is the only way out of the financial mess the world is in and we want to help as many people as we can get on a path they can trust to financial freedom. These guys are the real deal.”

The inaugural events in Phoenix, Arizona and Sydney, Australia filled up quickly and program developer John Lavenia is optimistic about sessions coming up in Scottsdale, Arizona on July 16th and other worldwide locations over the summer. “This is for people who are tired of waiting for economic recovery to come to them and want to take positive action,” he said. “It’s time to stop chasing secrets. When it comes to financial success, the only thing that works is what has always worked; people communicating with people. That’s what my colleagues and I do best and we’re changing lives at these events.”

WMI’s next regional event is scheduled for Saturday, July 16th at the Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, 5401 N. Scottsdale Rd. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Complete event details are available at


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