January’s Consultant of the Month

January’s Consultant of the Month: Bill Way

Hello Friends!

I’d like to take this opportunity to briefly share with you some simple yet powerful strategies, which continue to bless me with the lifestyle of my dreams and a highly rewarding 38-year business career. And especially to emphasize why it’s so vitally important for us all to be a productive members of this awesome Wealth Masters family!

But first I want to express my deep gratitude for this tremendous honor.  And heartfelt thanks to my mentors Kip Herriage, Karl Bessey, Mary Dee, Michael Hamburger, Rick and Susann Crawford, and the entire Wealth Masters staff for putting together what I know to be the finest curriculum/program of it’s kind, and the most extraordinary business opportunity on the planet!  You are all an inspiration to me.  And together with our amazing consultants we are literally changing the world!

Since starting my first business in 1972, and becoming a best-selling book author, my main goal in life has always been to assist others in becoming prosperous and successful.  In that effort I’ve clearly experienced the magic of putting my energy and focus where it has the most powerful affect, which is…  When I create value in the world and serve others to the best of my ability, my own happiness and prosperity is utterly assured.  In fact, it is the unavoidable consequence!  As I begin my second full year with you all I am now absolutely convinced that there is no better way to accomplish that then through Wealth Masters International… and no greater purpose in life, than service.  That’s why I’m here.  And I hope that’s why you’re here too.

Finally, I’d like to ask you all to consider two foundational questions that have dramatically impacted my life:

(1) Would you agree with me that you can find an “expert” to support and validate just about anything you want to believe?  Any thinking person can see that there are books, TV personalities, political organizations, groups, and even entire religions that take differing positions on virtually every subject.

(2) So really, the only important question to ask yourself is “What do I WANT to believe?”  (“What do I really WANT to create or experience?”)  Decide that, and then look for the evidence to support it. You will quickly find it. In the meanwhile, immediately begin to “act as if” your belief has already manifested.  If necessary, take acting lessons!  Get into your new role.  For believing is seeing (and not the other way around).

When I discovered these simple truths that’s when my life really took off.  And for me this gives greater meaning to the famous quote:

“Whatever the mind can conceive AND believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill  (Think and Grow Rich!)

And make no mistake about it… if you can “conceive” a dream that is your indisputable proof that it is possible… for YOU.  It is a Universal law.

WMI provides me with the vehicle I need to make all my personal dreams come true.  My business takes me to beautiful locales all over the world, and if I want to stay home, I can do that too.  In fact, I get to live where most people can only go when they’re on vacation!  Now I’ve truly learned to “enjoy the journey.”  My whole life actually feels like one big wonderful vacation… and yours can too!

So let’s move forward together with belief, courage, boldness… and even audacity… to bring our dreams to life in 2011 by sharing the Wealth Masters message of wealth, health and wisdom with the world.  If I can assist any of you in that endeavor please contact me.  I’m listed in your back office under Tools >>> Training >>> 3-Way Call List.

I truly look forward to meeting you at our life-altering events. Please make sure to come over and say “hi!”

In Your Service,

Bill Way

Breckenridge, Colorado, (Ski Country) USA


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