The Crime Against Humanity by Kip Herriage


By Kip Herriage

History has a way of putting things into perspective. The truth of this came back to me in a vivid way while touring Italy with my family last summer. In Rome we walked the historic grounds of the Coliseum and the Vatican. We retraced the steps of politicians and philosophers who, along with their counterparts in ancient Greece, laid the foundations for the fiat currency systems now in place all over the world.

Know this; the poverty that’s spreading around the world is due primarily to one single event; the implementation of fiat currency as a monetary medium of exchange. I have been writing and educating about this most important issue for a decade. If the 99% of the world’s population that have no clue about the truth of funny money were to wake up one morning with a real understanding of the single biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind, we would be witness to fully warranted global unrest on a scale unimaginable, directed towards those in the shadows of government, banking and politics that are directly responsible.


The rioting, protests and civil unrest we’ve seen in several European nations over the past few months are telling and a shot across the bow, wherever you may live. First, we all know the real reason that riot and social unrest are taking place; the realities of economic depression and the fear that things have almost no chance of getting better. Forget about the government’s official unemployment figures, because the folks who are taking to the streets now certainly have. Young people, aged 18-30, know that the real rate is 30% in most of the world’s major economies, but they still don’t know the root cause for their economic misery.

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve (and criminal sister central banks around the world) the money we use has lost more than 90% of its value. Stop for a moment and let this sink in. Thanks to this” mafia of money” we’ve each experienced a loss in purchasing power of more than 90%! The mainstream press calls this “inflation,” but this simplistic definition falls so far short of the truth that it would be a joke if the outcome were not so cruel. The real reason for rising prices and a greatly diminished way of life; currency inflation! Massive amounts of every currency on the globe are being printed to fund our bankrupt governments. This crime against humanity reduces the value of our hard earned savings and investments. This robbery is happening around the clock, even while we’re sleeping.

You can also find an in-depth discussion on this subject, along with the criminal cabal of “leaders” behind it, in my book Crashproof Prosperity and of course, in the classic by G. Edward Griffin, The Creature From Jekyll Island. The Federal Reserve has been holding interest rates low and making public guarantees that they can stop inflation, while they’re privately doing everything in their power to ensure that the money in your bank account continues to lose value at an alarming rate. Soon, the noise of the falling dominoes will be too loud for folks like Ben Bernanke and his central banking partners in crime to shout over.

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