Kip Herriage

Kip Herriage

– Co-Founder, CEO

By refusing to settle for less Kip Herriage now lives his American Dream

Kip Herriage is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters International and Founder and Editor of the top ranked Vertical Research Advisory Newsletter, subscribed to by savvy investors worldwide. His economic forecasts and predictions over the years have earned him the nickname of “The Nostradamus of Finance”. Prior to forming Wealth Masters, Kip spent over 15 years as Vice President, Financial Planner, and Money Manager for one of the largest investment firms on Wall Street where he managed over $70 million for his clients. During his tenure, Kip became known as one of the premiere financial minds in the industry, offering trusted guidance to his valued clients.

For Kip, success came easy early-on as his financial prowess cemented him as a prominent fixture on Wall Street. However, with great success came a heavy toll. 60+ hour work weeks, two hour commutes each day, and most taxing of all, precious moments spent away from his family; Cindy, Kip’s wife of 21 years and his two sons Tyler and Sam.

“This was not my idea of the American Dream and was certainly not the way I wanted to be remembered as a father by my two sons. In addition, I always knew that there was an entrepreneur inside of me just waiting for the right opportunity, and at some point I knew I would have to make the move in order to achieve the true freedom that successful entrepreneurs master”.

In 1999, Kip Herriage made the decision that would forever change the course of not only his life, but thousands of others across the world. He retired from Wall Street at the age of 38, took his expertise and accolades and moved on.

“As I entered the world of an independent financial advisor, I began to receive invitations to attend events sponsored by network marketing organizations, and I immediately recognized how like-minded and passionate these high-energy entrepreneurs were. I also learned one of the most surprising things of all; my college degrees, licenses, and 15 years on Wall Street had actually prevented me, not helped me, from discovering many of the world’s best financial strategies, top money managers, and an entire network of the brightest minds around the globe.”Soon Kip was studying the books and interacting with the most thought provoking speakers around. The profound life-lesson he uncovered, As Dr. Napoleon Hill says in the #1 selling business book of all time; “Whatever the Mind Can Conceive and Believe, it Can Achieve.”

By refusing to settle for less Kip Herriage now lives his American Dream.

“As the CEO of Wealth Masters International, I now have the opportunity to do something absolutely and undeniably amazing to give 110% of myself to the singular pursuit of helping others change their lives, just as I have been so fortunate to do in my own life.

My hope is that everyone reading this will go to the home page and take the time and read our Business Plan, which also contains our Mission Statement. These documents are much more than just words on a page; they serve as the guide for all that we do, as we remain steadfast in our goal of providing individuals with the most powerful personal solutions in existence.

We invite you to join Wealth Masters International, and to share in the experience of a lifetime! Wealth, Health, and Wisdom awaits!”

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