Michael Hamburger

Michael Hamburger

– Senior Vice President of Marketing

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Michael Hamburger is an internationally recognized Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, as well as successful business owner.

Michael’s keys to success have been his ability to assist others in achieving their own Wealth. His no-bull, hands on approach have helped build his reputation from the ground up. Hailing from the Network Marketing trenches, Michael has grown teams in the Direct Sales industry into the tens-of-thousands of members and enabled his wife Leslie to retire within 30 days into an endeavor. His track record is flawless, as countless top income earners created their mark within the industry by utilizing his services, which have benefited thousands of entrepreneurs and Direct Sales professionals spanning five continents.

Despite the tremendous accolades and exorbitant self-made success, Michael continued his quest to find the best opportunities available. Ultimately, that journey drew him to Wealth Masters.

“I believe that the signature of the best companies in the home business industry are created by empowering their members with the right tools, a simple proven system, world class products and a lucrative compensation plan. I am committed to our WMI members around the globe and excited to assist in the worldwide expansion and growth. Kip and Karl have assembled a great team of marketers, along with the world’s best products that have no competition in our unique space in the market.”

Michael’s advice and guidance have been sought after by the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the business, now, he shares his teachings exclusively with our Members.

“I feel that by joining the Wealth Masters International team, I now have the great honor of assisting people around the world in not only improving their income but also in improving their financial intelligence. Leslie and I look forward to contributing to the WMI culture and community for years to come.”

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