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Now in its third edition, WMI’s m1 Masters Program is a powerful interactive financial education system that walks you through a step-by-step life transformation in 100 days. The program includes nearly 20 hours of audio and video content in a 15-disc instructional CD and DVD collection. These are not just the opinions of an individual – they’re the same time-tested wealth creation strategies used for centuries by the top 1% of the population.

The 15 expert presenters in this educational series (most of whom are self-made
multi-millionaires in their own right) have over 250 years of combined expertise
as the world’s top thought-leaders in money management, personal development and
alternative wellness. It would take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars for
you to seek out these resources on your own. We’ve done the screening for you and
these are trustworthy information sources you can rely on with confidence.


In addition to the incredible value of the Wealth, Health and Wisdom content you
receive, the m1 Masters Program also includes a private online curriculum
of daily action assignments to keep you on track, a complete network of alliance
experts in credit restoration, debt reduction, investment principles, asset protection,
privacy management and tax strategies AND a fully automated web-based financial
management system called The Wealth Accelerator that enables you to:

  • Eliminate debt in 8 to 12 years, including mortgages, credit cards, car loans, student
    loans, medical bills and more.
  • Save over $200,000 in interest payments (average reported by users).
  • Automate your budgeting and financial planning.
  • Plan wisely for large or long-term objectives like college or retirement.
  • Integrate all of your banking and bill paying activities in one safe, secure and
    organized online environment.


JournalIf you commit to making the recommended
one percent improvements in wealth, health and wisdom every day without exception
for the duration of the program, your life experience will inevitably be 100% better
in 100 days. We’re so confident in the life-changing value of this program that
we back it with a 100-day money back guarantee. We’re going to state this as plainly
as we can right up front – no other educational product in the world today offers
the complete transformational power you’ll experience in the m1 Masters
. We can say that because of the real life results other m1
users are experiencing:

  • The “college education” you never received in total financial literacy.
  • Holistic balance of Wealth, Health and Wisdom principles.
  • Proven strategies to create and protect lasting abundance.
  • Fast-track methods to eliminate debt.
  • Insights from the world’s top abundance experts.
  • Clear direction on how to prosper during any economic downturn.
  • Personal growth and development.
  • Managing and maintaining great credit scores.
  • Understanding the history of money, central banks and inflation.
  • Strategic tax planning and ethical tax reduction.
  • Avoiding the risks of real estate.
  • Understanding the history, principles and future of investing.
  • Personal vision statements and effective goal setting.
  • How to avoid sliding into poverty with the disappearing middle class.
  • Understanding precious metals as a true store of wealth.
  • Achieving total wellness through alternative health and nutrition.


Since our inception in 2005, Wealth Masters International has invested millions into
researching and developing the content of the m1 Masters Program.
Here in one powerful program we’ve assembled everything you need for peak performance
in every major area of your life – Wealth, Health and Wisdom. What are you waiting
for? You can start creating the life of your dreams right now.


“By adding belief that a much brighter future lies ahead, I am now living life with new found purpose and hope."

Testimonial - Bob~ Bob, WI

"The WAP 2.0 addition is one of the reasons we just stepped up from m2 to m3, and we've only been with you three weeks. We think this on its own is worth the cost of the m1!Keep up the most excellent innovations!!"

Testimonial - David and Barbara~ David & Barbara Phillips, CA

"All that I can say is: Thank you to Wealth Masters International and our alliance for showing us the way to become financially free and independent in the shortest time possible. Without question we whole heartedly endorse the use of the Wealth Acceleration Program for financial independence and freedom from debt."

Testimonial - Doc~ Doc, PA

"The opportunity, products and alliances at WMI are awesome! The solution to a healthy financial future is available to all of our members. Individuals from every walk of life can benefit from the programs at WMI. My goal, which WMI has made attainable, is to become financially healthy."

Testimonial - EG~ E.G., OH

"Throughout my corporate life, higher education, owning numerous small businesses, and community service, I have never before found a company who walks the talk and has it all. I’m home heart and soul with WMI."

Testimonial - Elaine~ Elaine, Steamboat

"What an event. The people are amazing and the knowledge was off the charts. Thank You WMI!"

Testimonial - Jeffrey~ Jeffrey Akerson

“I am sure you get this all the time: THANK YOU; and those words seem so inadequate! I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart! My life has been changed—FOREVER!"

Testimonial - Kelly~ Kelly, CO

"I have to say that in the past I was very skeptical of marketing companies. But after being introduced to Wealth Masters International and the strong Alliances, continuous training and dedicated support of the entire Team, it was and is for me."

Testimonial - Sc~ S.C., TX

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You, too, have the potential to enjoy the freedom, financial benefits, and quality lifestyle that our successful Wealth Masters International consultants are already enjoying. Empower yourself with the financial means to live the life you deserve!

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